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What You Need to Know about Escorts

5 months ago

The society we live in is constantly changing, and so is the relationship scene. From work related unavailability, lack of interest in courtship, or the stresses of everyday life, men and women are becoming even less inclined to get into traditional long term relationships.

The Sex Worker’s Guide to Anal Sex

6 months ago

Anal Sex has become quite popular over the years, with the discussion becoming more mainstream. However, despite the popularity and hype, anal sex is not an act that can just be performed with minimal preparation.

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Sex Worker for You

6 months ago

There are so many people who have delved into the sex service industry and came out vowing never to go back. From disappointments, frustrations and outright unpleasant service, these men and women are left wondering how such an industry can be thriving. While their experiences may be unfortunate, there are ways to minimizing the risk of this ever happening to you.

Becoming An Escort's Favourite Customer: Practical Tips

6 months ago

There is a reason for the existence of so many escorts in cities all over the world. Escort business is among the most profitable customer service jobs, and the sector is highly appreciated. Additionally, there is an increasing demand for women who meet the high beauty expectations set up by men who are willing to pay the price to keep their company.

Fetishes: Is the Client Always Right?

7 months ago

Sex work is as diverse as its clientele, and this involves indulging in activities that sometimes can blow an average mind’s imagination. Mainstream media portrays sexual fetish as a disease, and while in some cases this may be true (think paedophilia!), for the most part fetishes allow individuals to enjoy peak orgasmic satisfaction.