The Sex Worker’s Guide to Anal Sex

                                            The Sex Worker’s Guide to Anal Sex

5 Things that Should Never be Overlooked

Anal Sex has become quite popular over the years, with the discussion becoming more mainstream. However, despite the popularity and hype, anal sex is not an act that can just be performed with minimal preparation. If you are planning to put anal sex on the menu, there are a few things that are a MUST do. Here are five of the most basic fundamentals of anal sex.


1. Practice Proper Hygiene

Cleanliness is the most important aspect of anal intercourse. The rectum is bound to have traces of fecal matter, and this increases the likelihood of bacterial transfer which in turn increases the risk of contracting infections. By ensuring that the anal region is sufficiently cleaned, this reduces the risk of any accidental messes.

There are a variety of enemas available in the market to ensure that the cleaning part is done easily and with ease. However, always ensure that the liquid used is conducive for the inner rectal area. The inner rectal area is composed of more sensitive cell walls and this may increase chances of scalding. Always ensure that you discuss hygiene with your client. While there are some that are okay with just finding you ready, others may prefer that they be present to either perform or watch the anal douching process (you can charge extra for this service!)

Proper hygiene practices extend beyond the body, especially in the case where sex toys are included in the session. Every toy has cleaning instructions, duly provided by the manufacturer in order to help the client keep the toy in peak condition. Before and After each play, always ensure that the toys are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized especially if used with multiple partners.


2. It’s Always Better to Be Safe

Anal sex comes with its own sets of risks. According to experts, it is 13 times more likely to contract infections through anal sex compared to vaginal penetration. With its sensitive inner lining, the rectum is likely to experience tears, making it more likely for the STI to be contracted through the cuts and wounds. This therefore means that protection during anal sex is to be treated with the utmost importance. Condoms are a safe bet, and they can be wrapped over the toy, penis or the female condom can be set in place in the anal cavity. Rimming also requires a form of protection to be employed, and dental dams are a great way of protection from oral infection.

Additionally, care has also to be taken to ensure that there is no inter-orifice bacterial transfer. More times than not, there will be presence of fecal matter, no matter how minimal. This therefore means that there is presence of bacteria, eg e coli. When switching from one orifice to the other, always ensure that the condom is switched to a new one. This also applies to toys, which should also be cleaned to get rid of any trace of fluids left behind. When planning the session, always lay out the protective measures that will be implemented to avoid any miscommunication of expectations between you and your client.


3. The More Lube, The Better

Unlike the vagina, the anal region has no self lubricating capability. For this reason, there is always need to stock up on as much lube as you possibly can. However, oil-based lubricants should be kept away from the anal sex scene. With oil-based lubes, there is a great chance that the condom will be degraded, making the use of a condom pointless. With anal sex, a water-based lube comes in handy. However, it is better to get the ones with a heavier base, as they are not absorbed quickly, and the reapplication frequency is a bit spaced. Never skimp out on lubrication, as it makes the difference between an uncomfortable anal session and an enjoyable one.


4. Toy Stories: Size Definitely Matters

Butt plugs, vibrators, anal beads… etc are just some of the toys that have a chance of making an appearance in your anal session. Whether at the request of the client or yourself, toys are a great way of turning the session into a more intense and orgasmic experience. However, there are various factors to consider when this play is introduced. The most important factor is the size of the toy. Anal muscles are more rigid and therefore getting a six inch penetration is not something that can be done right off the bat. Before incorporating toys, always make sure that you are consciously aware of how much you can take in. In this way, you set realistic expectations for your client and ensure that you are not harmed during the session.


5. You Have The Right to NOT Remain Silent

Anal sex requires a higher level of communication to ensure that there is no risk of irreparable harm being caused. When the discomfort becomes pain, this should be communicated immediately. There is always an inherent risk of damage being done to the rectum if the sex is intensely rough or if the lubrication wears off. Limits of sex play should be discussed comprehensively and any extreme play should have its safe words determined. No good can come from enduring the pain in silence, and there is no need to feel ashamed if the toy proves to be too much. Always ensure that the client understands your offers, limits and that there is no guarantee that the play will reach their desired intensity especially if the discomfort proves too much to bear.

Be smart.