Fetishes: Is the Client Always Right?

                                                    Fetishes: Is the Client Always Right?

Sex work is as diverse as its clientele, and this involves indulging in activities that sometimes can blow an average mind’s imagination. Mainstream media portrays sexual fetish as a disease, and while in some cases this may be true (think paedophilia!), for the most part fetishes allow individuals to enjoy peak orgasmic satisfaction. There are so many fetishes in this universe, although the ones listed below are more likely to be experienced by both male and female sex workers.


The Unmistakable Feel, Taste and Smell of Latex

Latex is a powerful and popular fetish material. Sleek, smooth and with a powerful sexual connotation, this material is a sex magnet that just accentuates the human body and elevates it into a realm of forbidden passion and uninhibited pleasure. While it is commonly tied to BDSM kink, latex fetish is much more powerful. The client will not get aroused or get off without the presence of latex, and this may range from latex gloves to a full latex costume. Whether it is for you or for the client, always ensure that you practice latex care to ensure that the material does not fail to live up to its estimated life span. Lots of powder and latex friendly oils are a necessity.

However, latex is a staple in other sex plays such as BDSM and Role Plays, so ensure that the conversation covers the client’s other expectations for the session as well.


Let Me Kiss Your Feet

There is so much joke material geared towards foot fetishes, with a whole bunch found in sitcoms and cheap comedy shows. However, think about it… Just as people get sex charged at the sight of Channing Tatum’s abs and body on Magic Mike, why is it so strange that feet can be so mesmerizing and sexually satisfying to some? Foot fetish is by far the most harmless of fetishes, and can sometimes even be pleasurable for you. From foot massages, to stocking role play, pedicures, kisses and full blown toe sucking, the client may not require any other form of sexual contact. Foot fetishists are turned on by the sight of beautiful feet, whether dorned in stockings or not. The focus of their attention is the base of your body, and you can be sure that your feet will be well taken care of.

However, always ensure that you agree on the scope of your comfort and where the foot play will reach (foot jobs are a real thing!). This will ensure that no party is left disgruntled or feeling violated.


I’ve Got My Eyes on You

The world is made up of those who do, and those who watch. For every sport, game, event and creative process there are spectators. Sex has not been left behind in this. Voyeurism is a fetish that has been present for a very long time. While merely watching porn is an activity that is widespread, voyeurs are special individuals. They get off primarily by watching others have sex. Obviously this is not an act that is welcomed by all partners, and this is where sex workers come in; ensuring that what’s not on the menu at home is available elsewhere at a price. However, with willing partners, the process is fairly straightforward.

Always ensure that the discussion involves what is allowed and what is not (for example; is the watcher going to join in later, is oral sex allowed…). Voyeurs also do have limitations and thus it is prudent to discuss the details well beforehand.


Palm on Your Bum

Spanking is a staple of most sexual encounters. However, there are those that derive their whole pleasurable experience from inflicting pain on other’s asses, or getting their own asses properly slapped. This sexual experience is not confined to palm play. From paddles to whips, the pain threshold determines the pleasure tool of trade. Just watching the ass jiggle and the rush of pink to the area from the impact is satisfaction enough. This may be the whole play, or it may be integrated into a bigger sexual play as foreplay or even the pre-cumming ritual.

Accepting spanking that is more intensive than the norm is dependent on your pain threshold, and different spanking toys inflict a different pain level. Ensure that you understand how much you can take (experimenting ahead of time is highly advised!)


Let Me Up Your Butt!

Anal sex has been receiving mainstream attention with phrases such as “eat booty like groceries” and “real men eat booty”. However, it is not as easy to partake in as it is made out to be. While these individuals may be indulging in anal sex for the fun of it, there are those who revel in anal related sexual activity, and are only able to achieve climax if there is anal play involved. The anal area does not have any self lubricating capabilities like the vagina, and there needs to be sufficient lubrication to allow for a successful pleasurable experience for both parties. Additionally, there are toys dedicated for anal pleasure, and there needs to be an agreement on the type and size of toys that will result in a great experience. Anal hygiene is also a contributing factor to the experience, therefore time has to be set aside for careful anal prepping for the best customer service.


Let’s Have Some Fun, Shall We?

BDSM is a game play that involves Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism. This play is usually reserved for those that are looking for a way to maximize their pleasure when vanilla sex does not allow for the achievement of orgasmic bliss. This fetish is a powerful one, and requires complete voluntary participation from the other party. BDSM can turn deadly really quickly, and indulgence in this play requires clear and concise safety rules as well as safe words that will ensure the play comes to an end before any irreversible damage is done.

BDSM fetishists may take it too far if their partner does not use the safe word. Always ensure that there is a clear way that the safe word or gesture can been registered in time, especially if gags are in play.


Fetish and Sex Work; What Services Should You Offer?

There is no limit as to which services you can offer. However, there are factors to consider mainly pertaining to you ability to handle the demands and keep yourself safe. Foot fetishists for example may require a certain level of cleanliness and hygiene demands like regular shaving and the use of only pre-approved cosmetic products. Anal fetishists may require that they personally douche your anal cavity before play time. Other factors include your pain threshold, time constraints and the cost of some of the required toys and the required regular maintenance of the same.

Experimenting beforehand is advised. There are communities dedicated to every fetish available, and familiarising yourself with the terminology, levels of play and safety procedures through these communities will allow you to have a more realistic picture of the services you can offer, and to which extreme. Above all: SAFETY FIRST!